Skincare Mistakes You Need to Stop Now!

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Shani Darden wants you to glow like one of her A-listers.

You might recognize those names: Jessica Alba, Minka Kelly and Mandy Moore. They all trust Shani to give them great face.

One of the leading skin care experts in the US loves to offer skin tips that don’t involve needles or knives. “I’m not really big on fillers myself. I understand Botox. At some point, you might want to try it,” she says.

“What I am big on is Retinol. I tell clients to start Retinol early. It’s honestly the only thing that will reduce and prevent fine lines,” she says. (Check out her amazing products at

Q: Retinol scares me. How can I use it safely without turning red orcausing peeling?

A: “Retinol is really the best way to go. I know some people might not want to do it. It’s drying and you can get red and peel. But I’d suggest starting with an over the counter one instead of a prescription Retinol. It’s a way for your skin to build up to prescription strength. It’s really the answer to prevent fine lines, reduce pigmentation and wrinkles, plus it helps to boost collagen in the skin. You can even use the weaker forms under your eyes. It does take a while for some people to build up a tolerance. But I promise you it makes such a difference.”

Q: Is there a way to reverse old sun damage?

A: “You can’t completely reverse all the damage you’ve done from the sun, but again Retinol is a way to reduce the damage.”

Q: What’s the biggest mistake that women make when it comes to their skin?

A: “I think people – women and men – waste a lot of money on skincare. All this new stuff comes out and it’s the same stuff. You should find what works for you and stick with it. Also, I’ve seen a lot of laser work. Yes, in your 40s, you will start to get growths and need to get them lasered off. I would use the laser for that type of thing. Otherwise, try good skincare — that’s pretty simple.”

Q: Tell us a great morning skincare routine.

A: “In the morning, you should cleanse with a milky cleanser. Don’t use a harsh cleanser. You will typically get a little drier as you age and that’s why you should use the milky cleanser. I’d also suggest a great vitamin C serum. It will help reduce free radical damage and help your skin deal with the UV rays. Next, you should use a really good eye cream followed by a great moisturizer. Depending on your skin type make sure you’re using the right moisturizer. It helps to ask a professional.”

Q: What should we do at night?

A: “Again, cleanse with a milky cleanser and then use a great retinol. Not every night. Use it a couple of nights a week. On the nights you don’t use Retinol, you can try an exfoliant depending on your skin type or a home peel followed by a moisturizer.”

Q: Exfoliating has suddenly become confusing. Some say you should do it daily. Is that too much? What do you recommend?

A: “I believe exfoliating every day makes your skin sensitive and is too harsh. If you do exfoliate every single day you will never have that glow. I think women especially in the over 40 group should exfoliate once or twice a week, especially if you’re someone who gets facials. If you exfoliate too much you will end up stripping your skin. Everyone is scrubbing their faces too much.”

Q: Do I need a monthly facial?

A: “A facial every month is great, but it’s not realistic for a lot of people. A facial is a lot stronger than what you can do at home. If you can’t afford a facial, try a professional strength peel. It will definitely make a difference with your skin.”

Q: How do I get that A-lister, red carpet glow?

A: “I think that glow honestly has to do with the celebs getting a lot of facials. If that’s not possible then use the right products and stop all that scrubbing every night with an exfoliant. Even if you use a cleanser with a scrub in it, you will lose that glow because your skin will get really dry and dull. Plus, all that scrubbing might produce more dryness and even blackheads.”

Q: Should I keep a bottle of rose oil on hand for my face?

A: “I like it a lot and it does help to hydrate the skin. But if you’re looking for a great anti-aging product, that’s not it. It will give you a nice glow.”

Q: Before we let you go, give us one more great tip.

A: “Don’t forget about your neck, but most likely you’ve ignored the skin on your neck your entire life. I can tell how old a woman is by her neck. Be careful when putting certain products like Retinol on your neck because that neck skin is really sensitive, but you should use your moisturizer on your neck.”

Shani Darden is a licensed Esthetician who sets herself apart with her direct, result-oriented approach to skincare. Her passion to find solutions that are both effective and simple has led her to gain the trust of her clients and the respect and success in Hollywood, a town where the beauty industry is highly competitive. Check out her amazing products at

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