Natural Beauty: PRIME Time?

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As a professional makeup artist who helps celebrities and TV folks put their best face forward for a living, I have been using face primers for years.   Primer is an added step to your makeup routine that goes on before your foundation and concealer. It’s used to “smooth the canvas”,  so to speak.

THE QUESTION: Do we really need to ‘prime before we paint’ in everyday life? 

In my expert opinion, 98% of women ( and men that wear makeup) DON’T need a primer! Today’s foundations are, generally, smooth-ing –and soothing enough.  In this age of BB (CC and beyond) creams and powders, base makeup often has nutrients built-in to improve  skin’s texture, and ensure makeup wearability and longevity. 

 If you have less than perfect skin, which is basically all of us, concentrate first on a skincare routine to help brighten and get rid of any little bumps or imperfections. Treating your skin with love will help much more than spackling on five layers of makeup.

Aveeno Positively RadiantTry using a face brush and a gentle cleanser like Aveeno Positively Radiant or, for truly sensitive skin, something like Cetaphil. This will act like a mini-microdermabrasion; it’ll help to remove any built-up oil, help acne scarring appear to fade and become flatter, and tighten pores. Always follow it up with a gentle moisturizer.

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