Summer Foods To Shrink Your Waistline

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We are already well into summer barbecues, picnics, and beachwear. If you’re not yet quite comfy baring it all in a bathing suit, listen up. There are summer foods that can actually help you shed pounds and whittle your waistline before your next pool party.


Summer foods to help you lose weightSusan Greeley, M.S., R.D, author of Cooking With Trader Joe’s Cookbook “Lighten Up!”, recommends this delicious fruit as a great way to shed pounds throughout the summer. “The high water content makes it one of the best low-calorie fruits to fill up on. It curbs your craving for refined sugars and is my best recommendation for people who are volume eaters because it’s a great way to fill up without overdoing it.” (10 No-Cook Recipes For When It’s Like An Oven Outside)


Make a summer salad and top it with sliced pears or blend them in a smoothie. According to Roberta Jenero, RD, Founder of Figure Facts, LLC, this refreshing fruit may promote weight loss. “A 12 week Brazilian study (also) showed overweight women who ate 3 small pears or apples a day lost more weight that those eating oat cookies instead.” (10 Foods To Kick Off Your Menu Right Now)
As nutritionist Rania Batayneh, MPH, owner of Essential Nutrition For You points out, “Pears are known to suppress your appetite simply because of the fiber content.” And the less hungry you are, the smaller portions you will eat, helping to promote weight loss.”


Cherries for weight loss
Cherries are rich in the plant chemical anthocyanins, which research has shown to help reduce body fat and decrease inflammation. And, as Lisa DeFazio, MS, RD points out, “Cherries take time to eat as you have to remove the seed while eating it, allowing you to eat more slowly.”

Since the slower you eat, the more likely you are to recognize your body’s satiety cues, this tasty fruit may help prevent you from overeating.


Whole red grapes are rich in resveratrol. There is inconsistent research about whether the compound  can actually help you lose weight, but there is significant evidence about its anti-inflammatory properties.
More research still needs to be conducted on the weight issue, but snacking on red grapes certainly can’t hurt. As DeFazio recommends, “You can freeze grapes for a refreshing snack that is high in fiber and satisfies a sweet tooth.”


While the pomegranate is not normally seen as a summer treat, but we included it since it will be in season at the end of summer.  Research finds that the benefits are mounting, due to the high levels of antioxidants, including polyphenols and flavonoids.

In addition to anti-inflammatory properties, researchers believe the extracts help in fat reduction.

So, as summer winds down– look out for the powerful pomegranate.

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