Top 5 Things to Wear Under Your Wedding Gown

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You spend so much time, possibly years, dreaming about your ideal wedding dress. You probably spend even more hours, days, and possibly thousands of dollars nabbing the right gown.  Once you score THE ONE gown that represents everything you want to say about you when you waltz down the aisle to stand opposite ‘the one’ for you,  you are set, right? Wait. Hold up. What are you going to wear under there? Haven’t thought about it? Well, you should!

Lingerie is an extremely important part of your bridal ensemble. It brings together your whole look. Without the right foundation, you won’t  look your best. Before specific lingerie recommendations, let’s go over a few things.

Bridal lingerie tips

1. Bridal lingerie should be comfortable, sexy, and functional. After all, you’ll be on your feet and in front of cameras all day long.

2. Bridal lingerie doesn’t have to be boring. Lacy, pretty, and feminine is the name of the game.

3. Bridal lingerie need not be white. Ivory, cream, rose, champagne, peach, and even eau di nil (i.e. robin’s egg blue) are all acceptable colors.

So, with that in mind, let’s get started!


Here are 5 of my favorite picks for the blushing bride:


1. Bustier: 

It is a must under strapless or form-fitting dresses.  A bustier both lifts your bust and nips your waist. I’m in love with this Shirley of Hollywood bustier corset by Oh Cheri!. Not only does the front zip make dressing easier, the lace trim means you’ll feel beautiful wearing it.



Shirley of Hollywood Corset by Oh! Cheri


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2. Strapless bra: 

If a bustier feels like a bit much, why not opt for a strapless bra? It is less restricting, but will still allow for all the strapless styles. I think this one is pretty from Fig Leaves.


strapless bra


3. Perfect Panties: 

There is no worse sensation than ill-fitting underwear, and you won’t have the time constantly adjust your knickers on your wedding day. That’s why I recommend going with a brand famous for comfort—Hanky Panky. Whether you’re a thong girl, a brief girl, or a boyshort girl, rest assured that they have something for you. Hanky Panky panties starts at $19.99/pair.


For when you absolutely, positively must look like you’re wearing nothing underneath at all, seamless lingerie is the way to go. The high waist thong of the Bare Godiva collection by Hanky Panky will give you a smooth line under the clingiest material. Individual pieces start at $25.(Look for seamless bras, too.)



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4. Sexy Stockings:

Though tights are more popular than ever, there’s still something very seductive about stockings. Not only are they one of the oldest items of lingerie (people have been wearing them since the 15th century), they also tend to be much cooler than either tights or pantyhose. I recommend these sexy, stay-up sheer stockings.  (No garters needed.) $20



Charnos Stay-Up Thigh High Stockings



5. Garter:

The garter toss is a classic wedding day tradition, but many brides choose to wear two garters…one to throw and one to keep for themselves. If you’re looking for a garter to match this truly special occasion, think of commissioning a piece from Florrie Mitton Garters.  Handmade in England, these garters are utterly luxurious, completely original, and absolutely perfect for the wedding day. Florrie Mitton’s garters start at $55.






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