Top 5 Truths About Women, According to Men

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A while back I wrote about the “Top 5 Myths That Women STILL Believe About Men.” The response from readers was swift and emotional and enlightening. It was fascinating to witness the back and forth between the men (most of whom agreed with me) and women, who seemed reluctant to cede that many of their long-held beliefs about guys were either patently untrue or were watered down by the passage of time.

Well now you get to return the favor. I decided to jot down guys’ favorite myths guys believe about women. I’d like you to tell me if we’re on the money or not. And please don’t tell me that you “can’t generalize.” Of course you can generalize! We all do it every single day! So here goes.

1. The Best Aphrodisiac Is a Fat Wallet: You want to know what makes a nerdy guy hot? Big bucks. Money is the great equalizer. Women who say it isn’t are being terribly disingenuous. I’m not saying it’s ALL that matters, but it’s a massive game changer. Let’s be honest here, okay? Pop superstar Seal is going through a divorce with supermodel Heidi Klum, right? Seal has always hooked up with some of the hottest women around.

Seal is not Mr. Pretty Boy. So, how did he do it? He’s got one of the all-time GREAT pick up lines. “Hi, I’m Seal, pop superstar.”

Deal sealed.

Not saying he’s not a very nice guy. I don’t know him. But I am saying that Heidi Klum is far more willing to get to know Seal the pop star than she would be with Seal the Taco Bell Shift Leader. No offense to Taco Bell. Their tacos are delicious.

2. The Green-Eyed Monster Is Welcomed: I didn’t want to believe this one, but after having a couple of women shout me down about it, I’m inclined to join the ranks of the believers. Apparently, women really get bothered when their man doesn’t get jealous. I was told in no uncertain terms by one young lady, “If I was going out for a night on the town with girlfriends, looking all hot, I’d be a bit annoyed if my guy wasn’t a little jealous.”

This was a shock to me, since I regard jealousy as an almost useless emotion. But clearly I was mistaken in my attempt to engage in a debate with her as her two friends chimed in with a well-timed, “Me, too!” and an emphatic “Exactly!”

They went on to say that they secretly enjoyed the thought of their man feeling those pangs of jealousy when another guy not-so-slyly checks her out.

Wow. Who knew? I’m now a believer.

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