What Men STILL Think About Us (UGH)

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Admit it, ladies. You often love the fact that you are about as mysterious to us as the Loch Ness Monster.  Mystery, however, is a double-edged sword. 

While it can be fun watching us flub and flounder trying to figure you out  (like when we want to please you), there are still some not-so-great stereotypes floating around about the fairer sex.

Are they true?  You tell me…

1. The Greener the Green-Eyed Monster the Better

I didn’t want to believe this one, but after having a couple of women come down on me about it, I’m inclined to join the ranks of the believers. Apparently, women really get bothered when their man doesn’t get jealous. I was told in no uncertain terms by one young lady, “If I was going out for a night on the town with girlfriends, looking all hot, I’d be a bit annoyed if my guy wasn’t a little jealous.”

This was a shock to me, since I regard jealousy as an almost useless emotion. But clearly, I was mistaken in my attempt to engage in a debate with her as her two friends chimed in with a well-timed, “Me, too!” and an emphatic, “Exactly!”

They went on to say that they secretly enjoyed the thought of their man feeling those pangs of jealousy when another guy not-so-slyly checks her out.

Wow. Who knew? I’m now a believer.

2. Bad Boys Are #1

Sure, women say they want nice guys. Women don’t want nice guys. For as far back as any guy can remember, the guy who worked hardest at being an a-hole was the guy who had a constant rotation of delightful women. The “Bad Boy” had all types of women. The nice girls, the not-so-nice girls, the nerdy girls, the sorority girls, the professional women, the shy women – this guy manages to get them all! And even when ladies realize that this guy is kind of a jerk, they STILL stick it out with him in hopes of “changing him.” Does the nice guy stand a chance? Yes, he does. Eventually after “Bad Boy” has drained the trust out of every women he encounters, THOSE women finally settle for the nice guy.( GalTime question: Does age matter in this one? )

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