#WeighThis: How Do You Weigh Your Worth?

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We all know a scale can be frightening, and can alter how we see —-and present ourselves. A hefty number can make us less social, less secure….less— a lot of things. A Today/AOL study found that 60 percent of women and 78 percent of teen girls view their appearance in a negative light

Lean Cuisine set out to change the conversation with its #WeighThis campaign. When women were asked what they really weigh by thinking about what is most important in their lives, they never brought up body image or physical appearance — ever. Take a look at these moving, and thought-provoking answers.  They may make you change how you weigh your own worth:


We wanted to see if other women agreed. AND THEY DID.

“I’m not overweight, but I still wouldn’t want my body shape and size to define me. As a mother, teacher, and future minister, I understand the importance of leading by example. I want to be weighed by my generosity, honesty, humor, patience, and how well I live by the same principles that I encourage in others. My dress size is not who I am,”  says Beth from St. Louis.

Maddie from Orlando adds, “I hope to become a successful business owner! I want to keep pursuing my business goals and hopefully the end result will be that my business can grow and become a force to be reckoned with.” THAT passion outWEIGHS any number on a scale, that’s for ure.

Perhaps Bianca from Brooklyn says it best, “The most important title in my life will always be mom; my greatest commodity will be love. I want to be weighed on the way I make others feel, hopefully that means loved, cared about and accepted.” 

We second that!

How do YOU want to be weighed?

Let us know. Share this article and comment on social media with the hashtag #WeighThis. We all deserve to be weighed by our attributes, don’t we?


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