What the Flowers You Love Say About You

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Blossoming flowers simply transform the aura of a room. And as seasons change, there’s no better way to bring the outdoors in to brighten up any space. Whether it be a handful of wild flowers or a perfectly assembled bouquet from the floral designer, it’s about choosing a favorite that complements its setting, and adds a little sweet aroma, too! Make sure to balance out your posy with the right accompaniment of scents that’ll leave you breathing in happily for days.

Choosing flowers should be effortless fun. Go with your instinct! Pick the bunch you can’t get enough of. It’s all about expressing your personality in your space and making it feel more and more, well, you! The blossoms you gravitate toward say a lot about you, so it’s best to know what your most recent pick is telling others.



If roses are your favorite flowers, chances are you’re very loving in everything that you do, especially entertaining!With your strong sense of self and attention to tradition, beware of showing too much of your perfectionism in everything you do. You’re a bit old fashioned and ultra feminine, so try to give new things a chance.




Lily lovers tend to do too much! Balancing nurturing ways, gracefulness, and generosity for others can become a strain on your happiness. You’re always the center of attention, even when you don’t want to be. Aim for the serenity you desire instead of trying to add more energy to a room.



Those who choose carnations are ultra traditionalists. It’s all about habit and tradition for them even if that means remaining content with old hand-me-downs that have gone out of style. Staying trendy just isn’t their thing. However, when in need of a pointer or two, others come to the carnation crazed for advice, as they are very respected and loyal.



Everyone wants you at his or her party. You’re totally energetic and happy about everything all the time. Sometimes your upbeat personality gets the best of your appearance gets a little disheveled as you race from project to project. Love for the outdoors shows in your home as the dirt and play often is dragged indoors.



Your space is totally low-key and bare. You’ve got everyone fooled into thinking you’re quiet and introverted, but in private settings you let all your witty comments out. Your approach is very subtle yet packed with complexity into everything you do and say. There’s a method to the simplicity that others will be surprised to learn.



For orchid lovers, looks are everything. Their appearance and tenacious personality are what they use to draw others in. They keep their circle small and maintain a level of mystery others can’t quite put their finger on. It’s important to them that they keep their parties small yet strong and honest. Their delicate personality exudes a calm and interesting aura.




Got a love for tulips? You’re easily the sweetest, most charitable, and super cheerful person to all. You always give sound advice, even when it’s not asked for, and flower others with compliments.


Creativity to the maximum! Life is your canvas and we’re all just waiting to see what you’ll write, paint, and DIY next. Your imagination transcends others’ vision with a methodical approach to the decorating process full of wisdom and independence that you thrive on. It’s all about your way.


Unlike the iris lover, everything about your personality is the life of the party. You’re vibrant, quirky, and always down to try new things. When decorating, your choices are far from the “right” colors and always reach to vintage pieces for inspiration. It’s a wild look, but you just don’t care.

Alix Astir is a graduate of NYBG New York Botanical Garden and has studied Floral Design at the Crillon in Paris. Trellis Fine Florals is the brainchild of Alix Astir, long time NY resident and world traveled artist and designer. Alix is dedicated to bringing uncompromising quality, unmatched style and dynamism to her work. Through Trellis Fine Florals she seeks to provide the highest level of sophistication, service and beauty. Alix has worked and studied under the artistic masters in her field including Ina Garten of The Barefoot Contessa, Trish O’Sulivan and master florists at Philip Balloon and Preston Baily. Alix has appeared on national TV and been featured in numerous magazines. Our products are sourced from the finest artists and craftsmen all over the world that Alix finds during her frequent travels, especially from France, where she works several times a year. Come in and find a special treasure to take home or a unique gift to surprise a dear friend, loved one or bride.

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