When It Comes To Fall Allergies… Dust Them Off!

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Brought to you by: Clorox Dust Wipes


Summer will soon be a thing of the past. Fall is fab, don’t get us wrong, but the change of seasons brings about a heck of a lot more than cute boots and sweet sweaters.  

Ah-choo! Oh, sorry. Had to sneeze. 

Allergies are about to hit in a big way and you are the first line of defense!

When it comes to pollen, ragweed is enemy number one, and if you’re thinking you are A-OK because you don’t live in a ragweed-y area, newsflash: the pesky pollen can travel for hundreds of miles.

Add in a furry, four-legged friend and it is an allergy palooza. Not only do our precious pets carry in pollen if they go outside, there is the dreaded dander dilemma.  Fifteen to thirty percent of people with allergies have reactions to pet dander, that sticky secretion carried in pet fur.

One thing you should not overlook in the allergy arena is DUST. While you most likely sweep and use cloths to keep your house clean, are you really getting rid of all the ‘dirt’? One piece of dust can contain pieces of dust mites, not to mention dead skin, mold spores, shall we go on? (We, personally, are getting grossed out!) Twenty million Americans are allergic to dust mites and they are simply part of life, even though you can’t see the disgusting dirt devils.

OK, by now you get the point. You need to fight indoor allergens, especially once you leave the beach and start spending more time inside! Sweeping doesn’t do the trick, at least not all the way. How much is left behind?



We dare you to take the wipe test! Take a single swipe with Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes and see how much dust, allergens and/or pet hair you have on your floor or furniture.

Post your pictures with the hashtag #Cloroxtriplewipes. The photos may be filthy, but your house will be a heck of a lot cleaner.


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