When You Want To Stop Being Single

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 My 7-year-long relationship fell apart just as I was turning 30. I thought we’d be married with kids, but life had other plans. Being single again at the time most of my friends were either planning weddings, babies, or both proved to be quite a challenge.

How did this happen? I wondered.

Almost every eligible man I knew was unavailable. My friends were suddenly more interested in spending their evenings cuddling at home in front of the TV than partying.

Single and in your late 20s to mid-30s- you know the feeling. Your ex-wingmen (or wing-women) now socialize with other couples… and toddlers. They talk about honeymoons or diapers. Instead of being happy for them, their stories make you feel excluded, bored, irritated or – envious.

It feels unfair, and so hopeless… like you’ve missed that last rocket ship to Planet Couples and you’ll never be able to catch up. I guess what you (and I) need to remember: you are where you are, period. You can’t go back in time and do it all over again. Feeling sorry for yourself or angry at the world won’t help you, either – but here are some things that will.

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