5 Trendy Wedding Themes


As the owner of Kiss of Bliss, a full service wedding planning business in New Jersey , Alissa Mingin is finding more and more brides want their weddings centered on a specific theme. “I would say seven out of 10 brides follow a theme-based wedding,” says Mingin.

Over the years, Mingin has coordinated a variety of themed weddings—from Going Green to the Awesome 80s—to help turn her client’s dreams into a reality. Right now, “the most popular themes are rustic chic and Victorian vintage, by far,” she says.

However, Ashley Hendler Kolak, of Pennsylvania, wanted something different for her wedding and decided to go with a wine and sports theme. “I love wineries, so I thought it would be fun,” Kolak said.

“We also did sporty stuff since we love sports. (For our) Save the Dates, we did game tickets and our intro was like a starting lineup.”

Kolak, who got married at Bucknell University, added, “We made the lobby look like a winery. Place card holders were cut wine corks, and (we gave out) wine as favors.” While Kolak selected two of her favorite pastimes as her wedding theme, most brides usually focus on one idea. From rustic chic to the roaring twenties, Mingin offers her insight on the top five wedding themes that are trending now and how brides can incorporate them into their own affair:

Trend #1: Rustic Chic

“Homespun barn weddings filled with branches, lanterns, and nature-inspired décor are more popular than ever,” Mingin says.

In general, “rustic weddings are filled with textures, natural organics, patterns, and other characteristic details,” Mingin explains. “Planning a rustic wedding usually means you have some element of wood someplace in the wedding. Whether it is the guestbook, invitation, or decorations, brides are choosing to add a natural feeling to their wedding.”

Mingin says brides and grooms may also want to incorporate burlap, lace, twine, cowboy (and girl) boots, suspenders, checks, plaid, wool, linen, mason jars, handmade wooden signs, moss covered monograms, sweet tea, and/or homemade food into the mix.

Helping to plan rustic chic weddings is something Mingin really enjoys. “There is something about a rustic style wedding that really pulls on my sentimental heartstrings,” she says.

Trend #2: Victorian Vintage


“The trend is still going strong,” Mingin says of Victorian vintage themed weddings. “There’s just something that feels so romantic about adding old-world items and antiques to your big day.”

If you want your wedding day to reflect the Victorian era or even a garden tea party, consider incorporating lace, parasols, big blooms, peonies, large tea roses, cameos, delicate crystal, and pearl details. Vintage frames and suitcases also make for great props.

Additionally, “many couples opt to include family heirlooms within their décor, giving a personal touch to their vintage wedding,” Mingin says.

Trend #3: Boho Chic

“On the heels of the current rustic trend is…Bohemian weddings, otherwise known as Boho Chic weddings,” Mingin says, noting, “Boho style has been around for ages.”

What makes this style unique is that Bohemian-inspired weddings incorporate unconventional, gypsy-like decor and eclectic elements. “Think floral, nomadic, free-spirited, and non-conformist–hippie meets gypsy. Bohemian weddings can include vintage items or any elements that fit an artistic, artisan, or handcrafted feel,” Mingin says.

Oftentimes, Boho weddings are held outdoors. “Bohemian style is not polished; it brings in elements of natural fibers, nature elements, and lends itself to the DIY trend that is popular. Layered with texture, prints, and plenty of free-spirited prettiness, no other style quite compares,” Mingin says, adding that these weddings “must have breathtaking floras, including the floral crowns, bouquets, and floral accessories. Each bouquet and hair accessory has a different look and feel, but all fit in beautifully with the Boho-chic vibe of the day.”

Today, “there are more and more brides tending to have Boho theme weddings. One of the many reasons why backyard garden weddings are so wonderful is because you can easily bring a sense of sweet coziness to the day with the beautiful natural scenery. Ethereal neutrals capture the original beauty of nature.”

Trend #4: Nautical/Beach

Now is the perfect time to throw a nautical or beach themed wedding. “The use of sailor knots, anchors, maritime flags, lifesaver buoys, boats, and more are perfect for a nautical theme wedding. The popular colors to use with a nautical wedding are blue, white, yellow, and red. If you are a beach lover, fish lover, boating lover, or just love to travel, this is a perfect theme for you,” Mingin says.

Trend #5: The Great Gatsby/Roaring Twenties

Those who find themselves fascinated with the early 1920s and 1930s will love this theme. The trend was “kick-started by the cinematic rendition of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic literary creation The Great Gatsby,” Mingin says.

To achieve this look, Mingin says to go with black and gold colors. Brides and grooms may also want to incorporate vibrant silks, plush velvet, and feather accents, which can be used in décor as well as outfits.

“Think white-gloved waiters, big band dancing, crystal candlesticks, and gold-rimmed china,” Mingin says, adding, “From elaborate headpieces to feather centerpieces to Art Deco venues, wedding details from the 1920s are popping up everywhere. If you choose to use this theme, everything should be as
graceful and decadent as possible!”

No matter what theme you choose, don’t forget to add a few special touches to make it your own.

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