50 Fun Family Resolutions

50 Fun Family Resolutions for 2013

I love the idea of hitting the reset button as a new year rings in. I love taking a moment to look around at my family and friends and career and desk and packed-full storage space and think about what I could be doing better and what is just fine as it is, at least for another year. And I do love lists, big ideas, seemingly silly dreams and plans.

But what I don’t love are the resolutions that keep me tied to an overwhelming new schedule, a weight scale or obligations that don’t feel right. A challenge is great, a chore is not. So this year, we are holding fast to the spirit of resolutions — reaching toward our better selves — and letting go of the pressure. 

Oh, yes, I said we. I am hooking my little family into this with a jar full of moments to share throughout 2013 to help us spend time together, laugh more, hug harder, keep tidier, run around often and maybe even tackle that storage space.

Here are 50 of our family resolutions.

  1. Do a taco taste test around the city
  2. Spend two screen-free hours (no TV, no computer, no tablet, no phone checking) hanging out together
  3. Use the library card 5 more times
  4. Learn a new friendship bracelet pattern
  5. Clear out all of the teeny-tiny undies, socks with holes and shirts with funky stains
  6. Make cookies to take to someone who needs a smile
  7. Donate two bags of old toys
  8. Host a pizza playdate night for friends
  9. Go sledding
  10. Try ice-skating again
  11. Try a new sandwich for lunches
  12. Visit the great-grandma in Indiana
  13. Spend a long weekend doing nothing at the lake house
  14. Plan a camping trip
  15. Have a Battleship game marathon
  16. Do a Zumba class DVD together
  17. Go to a baseball game
  18. Find a place to hike near us
  19. Send a note to teachers thanking them for something awesome they taught you
  20. Draw something detailed together on a huge sheet of paper
  21. Try a new food
  22. Introduce the kid to a movie classic — It’s a Wonderful Life, Young Frankenstein, Princess Bride
  23. Master a new recipe we all like
  24. Put up shelves and bins in the kid’s room
  25. Write thank you notes for holiday gifts
  26. Organize a giant game of tag at the park
  27. Spend an hour reading quietly on the couch
  28. Have ice cream for dinner
  29. Write a letter to someone in the family listing ten reasons you think they are great
  30. Have a dance party in the car at least twice a week
  31. Add a new veggie dish to the dinner rotation
  32. Make chocolate chip pancakes together
  33. Run a mile together
  34. Throw away all the dried up markers and broken crayons
  35. Make a funny picture with googly eyes
  36. Delete the apps and games on the phone we no longer use
  37. Take the giant jar of change to the bank and use the money to do something silly
  38. Have a skee-ball tournament
  39. Sing Christmas carols on a really hot day
  40. Go to the pool for the day
  41. Have a themed movie marathon weekend
  42. Plant something and take care of it
  43. Concoct a special kid-friendly drink
  44. Bake a cake from scratch
  45. Wear costumes to run around the neighborhood park
  46. Learn and speak Pig Latin
  47. Go on a kayaking tour of the river
  48. Watch fireworks
  49. Do something touristy in our own city
  50. Get dressed up to go out to for a special dinner for no reason at all

What are your family resolutions for the year?

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