6 Tips For Working Out Without Breaking Out

Working Out Without Breaking Out

We all know that we should workout at least 5 times a week for thirty minutes to help lead a healthy lifestyle. However, some people turn their yoga class or trainer session into a beauty competition. You know that woman who wears a full face of makeup and her hair is styled to perfection.

Most of us actually sweat when we hit the gym, which is what’s supposed to happen. If you’re doing it right, all that foundation would drip right off your face and your hair would be falling in your face. Whether you workout in the gym, at home, or outside, you need to protect your skin.

These tips come from  Jasmina Aganovic, head of a company that produces products that restore and maintain good bacteria on your skin. Here’s her advice on avoiding the scary skin side effects of exercising.

1. Wash it off. Wearing makeup to the gym isn’t horrible, but it can lead to breakouts and it streaming down the side of your face. “It may sound simple, but many women forget to wash their face after a workout. There is no excuse to leave the gym without freshening up your face. The first thing you should do post-workout is cleanse!” Throw some face wipes in your gym bag if you don’t have time to do a full wash, tone, and moisture series.

2. Go Au Natural. Seriously, you look ridiculous with a full face of makeup on at the gym. Guys are checking out your butt anyways. If you need something, put on some tinted lip balm. “When working out, avoid wearing makeup or cosmetic products that are too heavy or occlusive (anything that keeps moisture in the skin should be avoided). You want your skin to be able to breathe and if it can’t, you may get clogged pores. Ingredients to avoid include silicones (usually found in primers) and petrochemicals (commonly found in moisturizers).”

3. Use an SPF (even in the gym!). Let’s be real, you don’t want to add wrinkles to your face. If you plan to be outside, put on some sunscreen. There are many brands out there that won’t clog pores and that are waterproof. “Women should be wearing an SPF every day, even if they are working/working out inside. Harmful rays can reflect off of metal and glass surfaces in the gym and radiate on your face causing damage.”

4. Make it Steamy. Take the extra five minutes and sit in the steam room. Don’t be worried about other people seeing you naked either, remember it’s steamy and hard to see. Plus it’s great for the skin. “For those with acne-prone skin, if your gym has a steam room, use it! Hop in for 5 minutes before your shower and use this as a great way to sweat out some toxins. After you shower, be sure to drink plenty of water and moisturize before going about your day as usual.”

5. Hands off. Grab that workout towel before you start your routine. You’ve been hearing this since you were little from your mom to not touch your face. “During your workout, try not to touch your face with your sweaty hands. When your body heats up and sweats, your pores are even more open and able to take in elements from the environment. This makes your skin more susceptible to taking on bacteria and pore-clogging dirt and oil.” Also don’t put your face directly onto a yoga mat. Always use your towel.

6. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. You should be exfoliating at least once a week regardless of your workout routine. This clears away dead skin and helps keep pores clear and leaves you less prone to breakouts. “Skin can often become dry from frequent sweating and washing and it’s key to remove dead skin cells on a regular basis, 2 times a week, in order to reveal a more radiant, youthful complexion.”

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