Dance Away the Weight!

Dance Away the Weight

Embrace bikini season by boosting fitness through dance workouts, relishing in twirling to music while shedding some weight.

Alejandra Tudela Herandez, the proprietor of Mariposa Fit, has also instructed Zumba for four years.

Alejandra has observed the advantages of dance workouts, not only enhancing cardio but also engaging a broad range of muscle groups.

According to Alejandra, while your heart receives the most exertion during dance, it also enhances motor skills and spatial awareness. As you execute a Cha-Cha, your body gains strength from the oxygen circulated through your limbs.


Hip Hop Groove, akin to Zumba, allows you to body roll and two-step to your favorite pop tunes. Enjoyable cardio makes bopping and singing along effortless.


Kelly McCourt, a globally acclaimed Irish Dance Champion who achieved tenth place at the Worlds Competition, understands the advantages of dance.

Competitive dancing presented Kelly with an opportunity for personal growth, physically and mentally, as she challenged herself.

Kelly effortlessly loses track of her workout while dancing. The sheer joy of jumping and spinning means fatigue only hits her after completing the energetic Irish jig.


Another fantastic way to socialize this summer is through the innovative Bokwa workout. Rather than strict choreography, you create shapes and letters with your body, moving to the music. The workout offers numerous modifications to suit everyone’s desired intensity.

As you gracefully navigate space to the rhythm, dance enhances coordination, agility, flexibility, and mental acuity. Alejandra highlights that dance classes sharpen mental functioning, as remembering steps and staying on beat pose challenges.

Dance has a positive impact on mood. As your fitness improves, dancers claim you will feel a heightened sense of self. The endorphins released during dancing will leave you smiling throughout the day.

Moreover, Kelly emphasizes that dancing demands hard work and induces sweat, much like any other sport.


Barre sessions not only induce perspiration but also aid in toning the body, promoting a healthy and vibrant summer and beyond. As you plié at the ballet barre, you strengthen calves, thighs, glutes, and core, while improving balance. Prepare for the burn reminiscent of ballet class.


“The human body is remarkable. Regardless of the challenges we throw at it, it adapts rapidly.” Alejandra explains why athletes experience plateaus despite intense workouts.

“Continuous growth and strength cannot be achieved by following the same routine week after week. The body adapts to stress too quickly. Once your body adapts to the current routine’s stress level, progress halts.”

Incorporating Zumba, Hip Hop, or Barre classes alongside running and spinning sessions introduces the necessary variation to stimulate muscle growth.

Kelly, an experienced Irish dancer, stresses the significance of cross-training, irrespective of the exercise type, to prevent overuse injuries. She has witnessed numerous injuries among fellow dancers resulting from working the same muscles repeatedly.

If you find running on a treadmill monotonous, dance fitness classes offer extra motivation. Alejandra points out that for those unaccustomed to exercise, motivation stems from the class’s dynamic instructor and the encouragement of fellow participants.


Kelly cherishes the enduring friendships she has forged. Engaging in team dancing, she explains, is physically less intense but emphasizes the finer details of dance, such as creating shapes with fellow dancers. It serves as an excellent means of destressing and collaborating with friends.

An appealing aspect of dance workouts lies in the freedom to infuse personal style into movements. Whether it’s a hair flip or shimmy, you have the autonomy to break the rules and make the routine fun and challenging, according to Alejandra.

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