How to Date Your Husband 

How to Date Your Husband

Are you and your spouse in a funk… with both of you feeling like you’re trapped in a routine that you just don’t know how to escape? Worse, is your love life stuck in a rut, too?

Remember those magical days when you first met and started dating? Fast forward a few years– once you add children and a couple of full time jobs into the mix and life gets complicated. You are left with barely enough time to breathe, let alone time to spend a romantic evening together.

It may be time to jump start your relationship with your spouse. Dr. Lisa Paz, an expert in Clinical Sexology, Marriage, and Family Therapy, has some exciting date ideas to help break you out of the routine and reignite your love life.

1. Learn Something New

  • Make your love life sizzle by taking a fusion-inspired cooking class and pairing it up with a wine tasting tour—you’ll travel along the coast of Tuscany all the way through the Chilean Andes without ever leaving your seat. 
  • Learn one of the world’s romantic languages to spice up your life. Because nothing makes pillow talk sexier than whispering sweet nothings… in Italian!
  • Take off your work shoes and throw on your dance shoes—consider going dancing. Shimmy your way into a ballroom, whirl into the waltz, or sway your hips to a popular salsa song. Which ever dance you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, if you already speak six languages, are tired of cooking, and the idea of dancing makes you break out in hives…  then stop. Take a breath and make a mental note. There are hundreds of classes out there. Honestly, the list is endless. Just spend time with your partner and do some research—figure out what most intrigues you and sign up.

2. Pamper Each Other

Okay, so now that you’re learned something new together, take your partner’s hand and sail away into a luxurious and sensuous couples massage. This intimate activity will not only heighten your senses but will leave you in a state of pure bliss. However, if the idea of spending a pretty penny on a spa is too nerve-wrecking, then opt out of an expensive retreat and create one in the comfort of your own home.

Light candles, turn up soothing ocean sounds, and buy some aromatherapy massage oil. You’ll both enjoy getting and giving the extra TLC.

3. Go on a Blind Date

Now that you and your spouse have learned something new and relaxed together, work up some courage and be adventurous. Hit the new hotspot in town, but go incognito. Use new names. Adopt a different persona. Wear a wig. Be creative. To put it simply, go on a “blind” date with your partner and soak up the thrill of doing something risqué!

Ultimately, the “how to’s” and the date ideas are endless and doable, as long as you follow one rule: Schedule, schedule, schedule! Take the idea of dating your spouse seriously, and set aside the time to reconnect and have fun together. 

Only by combining your efforts will you and your hubby make dating each other a success. So make an appointment. Use your imagination. Compliment each other. Take turns planning. Go all out and most importantly, have fun! 

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