The Importance of Being Silly | Parenting

Toddlers and Kids

We all want to raise kids who are resilient and able to bounce back quickly from stressful moments. Think of the people that you know who seem to be able to skip through the day. What those people have in common is the ability to be serious, the ability to be silly, funny, friendly, aloof….

Parents seem to have the belief that teens become resilient by being tough, assertive, and able to stand up for themselves. This is true in part, but I will let you in on a secret. Teens who have the easiest time navigating those years are the ones who carry a toolbox or handbag or backpack with a variety of personality characteristics in it. The key is that they have the ability to be flexible.

As a psychologist and the mother I feel that the importance of being able to be silly and playful is not only helpful, but NECESSARY. And, as a parent it’s important for you to model this within reason and with the right timing of course.

My favorite example is what we refer to in my house as “The Happy Dance.” Since my daughter was very little I would cheer her up with a happy little dance. And she’d laugh. Soon she’d initiate it. Even now we laugh when we think about our secret little connection. I guess it’s not so secret anymore.

What are your favorite silly moments?

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