It’s 3 P.M., Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

We worry about our teens driving after school. We worry about whether or not they are doing their homework. Well, it turns out that YES they may be driving and learning but not necessarily  about your preferred topic. It turns out that they may be driving to see each other with the intention to learn about anatomy.

According to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Medicine--15-17% of teenage intercourse occurs between 3PM and 6 PM and that is no small number. But, you still need to find out what they are doing at night. The same study that informs us about afternoon delight also found that adolescent sex is more than twice as likely to occur after 6PM than in the afternoon.

I do, however, want to close on a somewhat reassuring note. Perhaps, we should be relieved that the holidays are behind us. Apparently, more than twice as many condoms are sold in the week before Christmas than during the week after. And, there is no reason to believe that they are being purchased as stocking stuffers. Does this mean that there is less sex after the holidays or less protected sex? I am not sure. Perhaps, it means that there is less of an expectation for sex.

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