Let’s Make a Deal Model on Motherhood


Who doesn’t love a good deal, especially when you get to act goofy to get it? CBS is back at it with an updated remake of the longtime hit gameshow LET’S MAKE A DEAL.

The daily gameshow has all the hallmarks of the original, including whacky costumed contestants and big prizes.

I got to visit the set and sit down with Tiffany Coyne, host model of the wildly popular show. She’s also about to become a new mom any day now.

We talked about everything from pregnancy to standing in heels all day.

LL: Do you come from a big family?

Tiffany: It’s kind of big. I have two sisters and my parents are divorced so I have five step-sisters and a step-brother. It’s very yours, mine and ours. I grew up being very close to my extended family.

LL: Do your sisters have kids?

Tiffany: My older sister has two. My nephew is 7 and my niece is 11, so there hasn’t been a baby in the family for a while so everyone’s really excited.

LL: I know you’re a dancer. Do you still dance?

Tiffany: I danced professionally for about 10 years, so since the show, I just do it mostly for enjoyment. I’ll take a contemporary or jazz class. I like barre classes too. Since being pregnant, I do a lot of yoga.

LL: That’s why you look so good! I know you used to work on a cruise ship. What was that like?

Tiffany: That was such an amazing experience because you get to travel and see all of these places that I probably would have never seen. And it’s also where I met my husband Chris.

LL: That’s so cool! Which ship?

Tiffany: It was the Silver Seas Line. I met so many people that I’m still friends with. My husband was a singer and he was in the production shows with me. It was a “Love Boat” situation.

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LL: What has been the biggest surprise about your pregnancy?

Tiffany: How much I love it! I’ve been very lucky. I’ve had a great pregnancy so far. I love feeling her move around in there.

LL: You’re having a girl. CONGRATS! What has been the hardest thing about being pregnant?

Tiffany: At this point, sleeping. It’s hard. Every position is uncomfortable. It’s a little awkward. Also the preparation. It’s a lot. I wanted to take a lot of classes and learn as much as I could about the birthing experience, and then after with the baby. That can cause a lot of stress.

LL: Are you going for a natural birth?

Tiffany: I’m going to try to do a natural birth. I’ll have a Doula. Whatever happens, happens.

LL:. What advice do you have for expectant mothers?

Tiffany: Just enjoy the pregnancy because once the baby’s here, she will be here all the time. It’s a crazy idea that we will be parents for the rest of our lives. So take the time to enjoy being with your spouse or partner.

LL: Was your husband excited that you’re having a girl?

Tiffany: Yes! My husband wanted a girl. Either way, it would have been cool, but for us, we women like to buy all the girly stuff. Her room is all pink and green.

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LL: Is there pressure to get back in shape right away since you are a model on television?

Tiffany: Not from anyone but me. Everyone on the show has been so great. They said, “Take as much time as you need. Don’t worry how you look. You look beautiful.” Of course, being a woman, I want to look my best. That’s why during my pregnancy I did a lot of yoga and walking and light hiking, so I can stay fit and bounce back quicker, but I’m not going to be crazy about it.

LL: Did you have any crazy food cravings?

Tiffany: I didn’t have any crazy cravings. I ate a lot of citrus. I have always loved ice cream. I don’t think it was a craving, but I let myself definitely eat a lot more ice cream than normally. We go to Baskin-Robbins and get World Class Chocolate. We are frequent visitors.

LL: What was the funniest or oddest advice you got about your pregnancy?

Tiffany: You do get so much advice. People love to tell you that your life is over. And they’ll be like, “It’s great but your life is over now.” I’m like “Ok, thanks.” I know it’s life-changing but it’s not over. It’s a whole new wonderful experience. People also love to tell me that I’ll never sleep again.

LL: Well sleep is hard to come by with a newborn. How has it been being pregnant on “Let’s Make a Deal?”

Tiffany: In the first trimester, I got really tired. Wearing my usual high heels is a little difficult. Wayne loves to incorporate the baby. He refers to me as “Tiffany 2.0”, which is so funny.

LL: What was the zaniest costume you have ever seen on the show?

Tiffany: People come up with all sorts of stuff. One person came painted totally blue, like an Avatar. It was amazing body paint with a lot of detail. There are a lot of funny costumes, like a huge pickle.

LL: Thank you Tiffany and I hope the stork comes soon!

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