Solitaire! Emerald Cut! Today’s Top Bridal Ring Trends

Bridal Ring Trends

Whether you’re hoping that special someone will pop the question, waiting for your Prince Charming, or admiring Angelina Jolie’s ring from afar, it’s always fun to fawn over bridal rings! We asked Sue Bell, Senior Vice President of Merchandising for Blue Nile, which stylish stones are selling this season.

Which engagement rings are most popular? The round cut diamond continues to dominate engagement ring styles, but other fancy shapes like cushion-cuts and emerald-cuts are trending. Though classic solitaires still extremely popular, the vintage inspired motifs are quickly climbing the ranks as perennial favorites. Pave-set diamonds, intricate hand engraving, filigree work, and halos are elements that add interest and embellishment to any engagement ring.

Which types of wedding bands are in style? The classic, solid wedding band will never go out of style. White metal, whether in platinum or white gold is still the classic, popular choice for both engagement and wedding rings. Eternity rings (wedding bands with diamonds around the circumference) also continue to be very popular and can be composed of a variety of diamond shapes and setting techniques (common-prong, pavé, burnished, etc.).

How often do bridal ring trends change? Since bridal rings are intended to be a jewelry piece that lasts forever, the popular styles do not change as drastically as they would in the fashion jewelry world. Any bride wants a classic look she is sure to love well into the future.

Are there certain “timeless” styles to look for? Most likely, the classic platinum or white gold solitaire featuring a simple four or six-prong head will remain the most iconic engagement ring style. It’s the simplest way to showcase your center diamond, and is also an adaptable style when it comes to pairing with a wedding band. If brides-to-be are seeking a little more dazzle, vintage inspired styles are a great choice. Vintage engagement rings look like family heirlooms, and could easily continue to be.

What are the best styles of vintage rings? Popular vintage motifs are inspired by one-of-a-kind estate pieces like you would find in an antique jewelry store. The vintage styles in the ring market today are influenced by Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Actual antique estate rings, while beautiful, are often visibly worn or damaged (which doesn’t appeal to everyone). Selecting a vintage-inspired motif allows you to achieve the overall aesthetic of a vintage ring, while making sure the construction and materials are the best they can be.

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