Top 10 Things Guys Wish They Could Say…

Top 10 Things Guys Wish They Could Say...


Honesty is all they were asking. When GalTime asked if I’d be interested in working with them, they made it clear that they expected me to adhere to that core principal of honesty from a guy’s perspective when it comes to love, sex, dating and relationships.

That realness hasn’t always been met with bouquets. Guys were mad at me when I opened the playbook here. Women were left in bitter disbelief when I blew up their favorite “guyisms” here. And I was called every vile name in the book by everyone when I touched on the topic of virginity.

Wow. That one actually exposed me to a lot of R-rated colorful language!

But it all goes back to the basic StraightMaleFriend principal of open and honest communication between the Marstians & Venetians – even if that means some vehement disagreement. So with that, I present to you this list of 10 things most guys at one point or another has absolutely wanted to tell you but he didn’t because doing so would greatly inhibit his sleeping arrangements.

1. Yep, you do look a little portly in those jeans….please mix in a salad or back away from the  buffet.

2. Wow, I really don’t like your friend…and I hate that she’s so smokin’ hot.

3. Yes, you’re right – I was checking out that chick’s a**!

4. Again?! Didn’t we just hang out with your family 6 months ago?!

5. So you’re asking me to choose between hanging out with you all day and watching the game….do you know who’s playing?

6. Honey, would you please leave the toilet seat up!

7. Can you have a bite of my steak….ummmm….no.

8. I’ll shower tomorrow.

9. Why can’t you be more sexy….like my ex.

10. Your cooking is really, really bad.

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