Yoga For Your FACE!

Yoga For You

There is only one way to tell a yogi’s age: ask her!

That’s because, as recent studies show, people who practice yoga, meditation and other mindful workouts are biologically 9 years younger on average than their non-exercising counterparts. It’s like a face-and-body lift from the inside out!
Now, if that isn’t enough to make you knock over some poor, unsuspecting non-exerciser on your race to the yoga mat, then perhaps my next suggestion will.

Face Yoga, or recruiting all the muscles of your face, neck and eyes into actions they might not normally take in our quest for a wrinkle-less look is the thing that can actually help you prevent or lessen lines. Some people try and beat aging by freezing out their expressiveness, either with a discreet trip to the “doctor”, or by smiling perhaps once a year, when caught by surprise, lest wrinkles set in. In fact, those muscles, like the rest of your body, need to stay active to look and feel young and vital for your age.

This is because doing concentrated facial actions tone the muscles underneath the skin, lifting and firming it. In addition, increased circulation and lymph fluid helps detox the tissues, lessening damage that can show up as wrinkles over time.

Working and stretching the muscles of your eyes and stimulating the optical nerve has actually been shown to improve eyesight, and can relieve those pesky computer-related tension headaches. 

When you do the following video with me, you may look ridiculous. But it’s a small price to pay for the anti-aging benefits it will bring. So let’s get in each other’s faces!

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